COBRA Q&A Series

This page provides an index of links to all of the posts in my COBRA Q&A Series.  We’re unique in the US healthcare benefits administration industry in that before we built a technology and services company to serve this industry we first built and ran one of the nation’s largest third-party COBRA administrators for over 2500 employer clients.  In other words, we’ve walked a mile or so in our customers’ shoes, and our systems and services are “built by administrators for administrators.”  As a result, we regularly receive questions about how we would handle a given scenario.

In each post I’ll share the question we received and our answer.  I hope to create something of a “knowledge base” over time with these posts.  Please always keep in mind when reading these that I am not an attorney, and I am not providing legal advice.  If you have a legal question concerning COBRA, HIPAA, USERRAFMLA, or any other ERISA matter, you should consult an attorney who specializes in these areas of law.  Finally, if you’d like a basic overview of COBRA with some links on where to find more official information, please see my earlier post here.

COBRA Q&A Series 1: QBs & New Employer Plans

COBRA Q&A Series 2: Incorrect Election Notice

COBRA Q&A Series 3: Retroactive Premium Rate Changes


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