In the Heart What???

Omaha Somewhere in middle America
Get right to the heart of the matters
It’s the heart that matters more
Counting Crows, Omaha

Building a Startup Company
Developing and Hosting an Enterprise Class SaaS Application
Merchant and Remote Capture Payment Processing
Venture Capital and Corporate Strategic Investment Financing
Health Insurance Continuation — COBRA and Retiree

How did I end up in the heart of all of this in Omaha, Nebraska?

In the fall of 2002, my wife, Lori, and I loaded our suitcases and our yellow lab, Levi, into our car and began a drive across half the country to Omaha, chasing a moving truck with all we owned.  Behind were our families, our friends, and our roots in Philadelphia.  Ahead was a spot on the map in the middle of America, a new job, and more than we could ever imagine.

As I start this blog in October 2007, Levi is still with us and we’re still in Omaha.  We’ve had some change though.  The job we moved here for is now just a (good) memory.  The first house we bought together has also been replaced.  Our DINK lifestyle has been run over by two amazing children with (God willing) more to come.  Lori now proves to me daily that she is indeed my better half through her complete and unselfish dedication to our children.  If this isn’t enough…

In November 2005, my now partner and boss, John Jenkins, asked me to join him in building a new company as a spin-off from his (then) current company.  The concept was straightforward — take an internally built client/server software application, rewrite it as a web based Software as a Service (SaaS) application, and take it to market.  Building teams and channels to take new software apps to market is what I do.  Add to this the fact that John had built his own system precisely because the incumbent apps on the market had market approval ratings somewhere south of 0 Kelvin, and the choice to join was a no-brainer.

Fast forward and what happened?  Just about anything and everything you can imagine.

This blog is about sharing these experiences as we go along.  I’ve learned more in the past two years than in any other period in my life (my apologies to Dartmouth), and I hope this blog will help others learn from our experiences.  Finally, the next time one of your “coastal” friends (I used to be one) knocks the Midwest, send them here for a quick read…

Mark Waterstraat


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One Response to “In the Heart What???”

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Amazing simiilarities! I saw your post over at Jeff’s website. He was running a webinar for the Mass Technology Leadership Council about integration in a SaaS market.

I just recently started Capnetix to do much the same thing as you’ve described here, only for a different marketplace (buildings systems for investment management). I spent two years working for a TPA (participant investment record keeping for State Street), and built them a new platform to clean up the grab bag of assorted apps they had lying around, and it pretty quickly grew to manage 11.3B in assets, with $100M in cash flow/day). The management had absolutely no clue about the possibilities to start opening this up with true BPO, so I started Capnetix.

It also sounds like we have similar life situations…I’m married and my wife takes care of our 4 kids, and we have a black, not a yellow lab (named Husker).

It will be good to be in communications.

I’m working on a blog at

Just a hobby for late night, after the kids go to bed…..

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